Life is complicated enough so we have taken our approach to trading education and kept it very simple. We have designed a specialized trading system to help you quickly master the skillset of trading, giving you all the tools you need to be successful. It's time for you to get plugged in so you can move one step closer to persuing your diving calling.

GET STARTED by first dowloading the free gift below and Schedule a FREE CALL with one of our Coaches. This call will help you gain clarity and determine whether Go Traders Academy is the right fit for you.

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Take a look at the 5 Steps to Success in our program listed below.

1. COMMIT - Make a commitment to follow the process

After your FREE CALL, when you are invited into our program, start by making a personal commitment to follow the steps as given by the coaches. Give yourself time to complete the process and remember to


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2. EDUCATION - Complete our Online Academy

Complete the Academy and all assignments given in a timely manner.This curriculum is designed to give each student the winning advantage. Be sure to attend all Group training calls to gain even more clarity as well as the Mentorship calls as this will assist with helping you develop a winning mindset. The Live trading calls are essential to help you apply all that you learn correctly.

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3. IMPLEMENTATION - Sharpen your skills by applying our premier trading system daily

Now that you have learned how to use the tools, it's time to familiarize yourself with the system. You will become efficient and consistent by constant repetition of your trading system. There will be opportunities daily to practice and improve your skills by leveraging the experience of your Coaches.

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4. FUNDING - Access funds and grow your account

Gain access to live-funded accounts! Take your profitability to the NEXT LEVEL by applying all that you have learned and follow the rules consistently to see your profits multiplied.

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5. COMMUNITY - Stay Connected

Learn and thrive from our active and supportive community. You will never be alone. Share your success and encourage others on their trading journey. Learn together. Earn together. Celebrate together!

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- Written by Phieron Wilson

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  • The Power of Proper Coaching and Mentorship
  • How To Practice Proper Risk Management
  • Develop A Winning Mindset
  • What No One Tells You About Patience
  • Education: The Key To True Financial Freedom