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Written by Phieron Wilson

This eBook is one of Phieron Wilson's most popular publications available as a free download.

  • The Power of Proper Coaching and Mentorship
  • How To Practice Proper Risk Management
  • Develop A Winning Mindset
  • What No One Tells You About Patience
  • Education: The Key To True Financial Freedom

What People Are Saying:

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"Before I met Coach Madrica I struggled with patience when trading the market. My emotions were all over the place. I often felt angry, sad and upset the whole day if I experienced a loss. I was undisciplined. She helped me learn to follow a trading plan and provided an awesome education experience. Madrica helped me understand that learning how to trade is an investment and encouraged me to practice, be present and remain accountable. This is the KEY to success.

Now I have become much better because of her great COACHING. I find myself very CONFIDENT, with greater mental clarity and more focus when I trade. I feel inspired through her guidance, encouragement and a good trading plan. I have become more engaged and I now review a few currencies to trade
consistently. I have learned that failures are just lessons and I learn from them."


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"I had been interested in forex trading for years but never found the opportunity to get any kind of training.

Then I met coach Phieron and Madrica, and they gave me a STEP BY STEP introduction to foreign exchange trading in a way that a person like myself, who had ZERO knowledge of the subject, could understand and practice.

I'm now 2 years in and I'm trading my live account, growing and still learning on my way to financial freedom.

Still showing up!"





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"Before I met Coach Madrica I struggled with understanding the market and all it had to offer. Candle sticks, trends lines, bulls and bears felt like a different language for me. I struggled with being consistent and I was not profitable. I have blown many accounts and wanted to give up but the stick ability I had kept me, and I was driven to become a great success in the trading world. Madrica helped me work through recognizing patterns and learn the language of the market. She taught me how to correctly identify proper entries and exits. When a trader knows exactly when to get into the market and when to get out they will be successful and become a profitable trader.

Now with the knowledge learnt I’m a trader that protects my capital, risking only what I can afford and I always stick to the trading rules. I’m also better in analyzing the market, by drawing my charts daily and now I’m able to detect the trend of the market."